The garden city

In Nantes, almost 500 public sector workers look after more than 1000 hectares of green space including one hundred parks and gardens ten of which are nationally recognised.
Above and beyond its 100 garden oases, the City’s green fabric is exceptional, with a network of footpaths and cycle paths stretching for 50km along rivers and tributaries, and converging in the heart of the City to form, what has become known as Nantes ‘Green Star’.

The City in a Garden programme, is a way of connecting and promoting the plantlife between neighbourhoods, and of ensuring that Nantes’ parks and gardens thrive outside of their walls and borders.

  • Grand Blottereau park / © Soignon
  • Place René Bouyer / © Soignon
  • Mercoeur plateau, situated opposite the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany / © Soignon
  • Mercoeur plateau / © Soignon
  • Maurice Schwob square / © Soignon
  • Station gourmand / © Soignon
  • Mémorial de l'esclavage / © Soignon
  • The floating gardens / © Soignon
  • The floating gardens / © Soignon
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Roof vegetalized Aimé Césaire school
Roof vegetalized Aimé Césaire school ©Philippe Férard