Some facts and figures


Region, department, cityTop
Region Pays de Loire
Surface area of the region 32,000 km²
Department Loire Atlantique
Surface area of the department 6,980 km²
Address 2 rue de l'Hôtel de Ville
Cp 44094 cedex 1
Tel +33 240 419 000
Fax +33 240 419 239
Mayor Johanna Rolland
Deputy Mayor in charge of planning - "landscaping and heritage" Cécile Bir
Deputy Mayor in charge of squares parks and gardens. Fabienne Padovani
Deputy Mayor in charge of allotments Pierre-Yves Lebrun
Number of inhabitants 293,234
Surface area of the municipality 6,519 ha
Surface area of listed wooded areas 332 ha (PLU)
Land where no building is permitted 867 ha
Urban density (number of inhabitants per km2) 4,498 hab/km²
Managing director in charge of biodiversity Ronan Dantec
Managing director in charge of “Agenda 21”, “Urban nature”, planting and non-polluting transportation Thomas Quero
Managing director in charge of urban ecotourism and allotments. Pierre-Yves Lebrun
Surface area Nantes Métropole 52,336 ha

Director Romaric Perrocheau
Total number of employees 479
Management department 15
West subdivision 78
North subdivision 94
South and Est subdivision 114
Conservatory of biodiversity 42
Horticutural production 33
Maintenance 27
Landscape design 10
Educational activities 10
Security 42
Grave digging 14

Operating budget 2016 22 Mio EUR
Including personal budget 2016 19 Mio EUR
Investment expenditures 2016 3 Mio EUR
Investment budget 18 Mio EUR

Public green spacesTop
Total surface area maintained by the Parks & Gardens and Environment Department (Seve) 1,095 ha
Number of intervention points 1,458
Green space: surface area per inhabitant 37 m²
Parks and public gardens 232 ha
Surface area of natural sites 213 ha
Footpaths 46 km
Flower beds 3 ha
Surface area of public/private areas of green space and water 41 %

Trees (in parks and gardens) 103,000 u
Roadside trees 38,000 u
Species used along roadsides 192
Pollarding 2,236 u
Pruning management 2,428 u
Trees planted 2017 1,300 u
Number of shrubs planted per year 35,000 u
Canopy 16 %
Estimated number of public and privately owned trees in Nantes 293,000 u
Flowering trees 4,000
Surface area of listed wooded areas 340 ha (PLU)

Number of playgrounds 501
Street furniture 7,413
Sport equipment 133
Paddling pools 20

Plant productionTop
Production of trees 736
Production of shrubs 31,000
Production of ornamental plants 651,500
Chrysanthemums 4,100
Green plants and flowering plants 10,500
Surface area of nursery 9 ha
Surface area of production greenhouses 3,700 m²
Surface area of polytunnels 3,500 m²
Surface area for flowering plant production 13,503 m²
Surface area for chrysanthemums production 2,500 m²
Number of public places with flower display 226

Ornamental plantsTop
Loan shrubs 3,765
Summer basket 278
Winter basket 195
Flower arrangement 4,565 u

Sites 46
Number of allotments 1,120
Surface area of allotments 24 ha

Plant collectionsTop
Cacti and succulents 3,800
Epiphytic plants 2,000
Rose bushes 1,580
Armorican flora 1,400
Tropical plants grown for commercial use 725
Perennial plants 900
Camellia 1,110
Iris 667
Magnolia 350
Hollies 107
Oak trees 70
Armorican flora seed library 1,900 accessions
Library 2,164 books
Plaster fruit models 269
Herbarium 2,500
Picture library 15,000

La folie des Plantes 40,450
Jardin des plantes /year 2,000,000
Tour of greenhouses: Botanic Garden 3,399
Tour of tropical greenhouses 3,151
Procé Park /year 850,000
Versailles Island /year 850,000
Waste collection / year 3,500 m³

Activity for schoolsTop
Number students visiting Maison de l'Erdre 1,965
Number students visiting Chantrerie farm 2,543
Number students visiting Grand Blottereau 1,494
Number students visiting Botanic Garden 954
Number of plants given to local schools per year, for the "Tropical Schools" event 965

1969 First "flower" awarded to Nantes by "Towns and Villages in Bloom"
1970 Second "flower" awarded to Nantes by "Towns and Villages in Bloom"
1971 Third "flower" awarded to Nantes by "Towns and Villages in Bloom"
1977 First prize for camping grounds in bloom
1979 Creation of the Fourth Flower Prize by the City Beautification Committee, awarded to Nantes
1980 European Competition of Cities in Bloom
1988 Four flowers Award
1991 Four flowers Award
1994 Four flowers Award
1995 Grand Prize for Trees
1996 Community Territoria Prize awarded to Nantes for its SIFU system
1997 Four flowers Award
2000 Four flowers Award
2003 Four flowers Award
2003 Eurocities Award Parc potager des Crapaudines
2006 Grand Prize for Flower Displays
2009 Four flowers Award
2010 European Green Capital 2013
2010 Award of Excellence Rose Garden for Beaujoire floral park rose garden
2011 Global Green City Award by Global forum on human settlements
2012 Four flowers Award
2016 Botanic garden recognised as an International Camellia Garden Of Excellence
2016 Four flowers Award
2017 Second in the top 10 of the greenest cities in France
2014 Bronze medal in the 2014 Les Victires du Paysage in the "Urban Gardens" category for its green roof of the groupe scolaire Aimé Césaire.
2018 Gold medal in the 2018, Les Victoires du paysage, in the "Garden and Urban Park" category, for the development of the jardin des Cinq Sens
2019 Four flowers Award