Gardens visits

Botanic garden tour

  • Outside palmarium
  • Inside the palmarium
  • View from the garden
  • Restaurant terrace

With free access

- The park is accessible but the slope implies some visitors to tour up and down : Sophie Trebuchet instead of to the SNCF railway station
- Greenhouses are accessible for wheelchairs users.

Without a guide

Three greenhouses are open for the public to visit without a guide:
  • • The Exhibition greenhouse, housing tropical plants from the Botanic Garden’s and Great Blottereau’s collections.
  • • The Canary Island greenhouse
  • • The Palm Tree Island greenhouse
  • - Access codes for the exhibition greenhouse (and the Canary Island greenhouse in colder weather) are available from the reception.


Guidigo on GoogleplayApple store
1- download the app for free
2- Search for Nantes to find tours of Nantes parks and gardens.
2- Click on the arrow in the top right-hand corner of the screen to find out where you are in the garden.
3- Enjoy the tour and accompanying games, even offline.
- Free WIFI access is available in the lower part of the garden.

With a guide


- In french
- Early visits: to the north of the garden restaurant
Tour of greenhouses
Wednesday 3pm
Friday 3pm
Saturday 11am 3pm 4pm 5pm
Sunday 10am, 11am, 3pm 4pm 5pm
- Visit 5pm only takes place during the period 20 March to 18 November.

For the groups

from 10 people upwards
- Reservation is required
  • Informations

Library access

The Library of the Botanic garden dedicated to botany is publicly available by appointment
tel +33 (0)2 40 41 65 15