Parks and gardens

The Botanic garden, greenhouses

Elevation, overall plan and sections of hot and temperate greenhouses and conservatory .1895

The Palm House

The Palm House, which dominates the garden, is an elegant greenhouse made of metal and glass. It’s over a hundred years old. Under the 10m high central dome, a tropical ecosystem thrives in the hot and humid atmosphere.
Epiphytic plants grow on a reconstituted semi-natural medium, Ingenious artificial bark system designed in Nantes.
T° 18-23°C

Humid tropical greenhouse

A small Humid tropical greenhouse, within the Palmhouse, is open to the public for free guided tours (and has been since 2012). Inside you’ll find some remarkable specimens, including carnivorous plants and orchids.
T° 18-23°C


Orangery, provides shelter for orange, lemon and mandarin trees during the winter.
T° 12-22°C

Canary Islands

In the Canary Islands greenhouse, you’ll find a variety of endemic plants. This reconstruction of the local environment is fairly rare in France.
T° 10-45°C

Dry greenhouses

The Dry greenhouses was created at the beginning of the 1980s. African plants, mainly euphorbia and aloes from Madagascar and South Africa grow in this semi-natural setting. One wing of the greenhouse houses a large variety of cacti (from the American continent) and the other houses succulent plants.
T° 8-45°C

The Palm Tree Island greenhouse

Every afternoon, the public can use the the Palm Tree Island greenhouse to sit and read, eat, work or simply relax in its subtropical atmosphere.
T° 10-25°C