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The Botanic garden, extra information

Aesculus parviflora
Aesculus parviflora ©Jacques Soignon
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    All the plants that grow in the Botanic Garden are grown from seeds acquired through exchanges between botanical gardens from all over the world. Each year for 150 years, the Botanic Garden has made the seeds of more than 12000 species available to other international botanical gardens.
  • Botany classes

  • Lectures on botany have existed since creation of the garden 150 years ago. They were restarted in 1998 and take place over a two year cycle. They are available to citizens of Nantes and registration is required in advance.
  • Library

  • The garden’s botanical library is open to the public by appointment. If you’re interested, contact the reception.
  • Activities

  • Every month, the Botanic Garden organises an activity programme. This includes activities and events that correspond to the time of year, including greenhouse tours. Art and plant life exhibitions are also organised regularly.
  • Visiting of the greenhouses

  • The Botanic Garden offers free guided tours of the different greenhouses. These are led by specialists. For more information contact the reception.
  • Reception

  • If you want to go on a tour of the greenhouses, you can pick up free tickets from the reception. The staff here will also lend out books and board games to those wanting to take advantage of the “green beach”. It’s the starting point for all the tours and has a gift shop. If you have any questions, the staff here will also be able to provide you with lots of information on the other gardens and places of interest in Nantes.
  • Green beach

    Picnic with family
  • The green beach is fully accessible to the public, and is a great place to relax, eat as a family or read in the sun. It’s near the children’s playground and the paddling pool. Bathing is authorised for children in the summer only. The Botanic Garden lends out deckchairs and parasols and there’s a baby changing area available in the toilets. For more information visit the reception.
  • Extra services

  • The garden also provides several other services, including a tea room with a terrace and a merry-go-round.