History of the gardens

People in long procession go up trees
“People climb up to the trees in procession”

Nantes is a city planted between botanical tradition and untamed nature.
This tradition continues today - Nantes is famous for the quality and diversity of its ten main parks. The city’s horticultural heritage has become a way of life and unifies Nantes’ history with its geography. Its parks and gardens have evolved over the centuries, developing their own identities and their own distinctive landscapes.
Between 1687 and 1688, the reign of Louis XIV marked the start of horticultural enterprise in Nantes, with the creation of the Jardin des Apothicaires, or the Apothecaries’ Garden. It really took off in the 18th century. In 1726, in order to enhance France’s botanical collections, Louis XV ordered ships' captains to bring back plants and seeds from their long distance voyages. The mild climate and Nantes’ position as a port meant that plants from around the world flourished here.