Fragrant Rose Competition

Fragrant Rose Competition

8, 9, 10 June 2018

Since 1991, the city of Nantes and the French Society of Roses have organized the only competition for fragrant roses in the world. It takes place at the rose garden in the floral park of La Beaujoire.
" Faced with the rumour, often too widespread, that fragrant roses no longer exist, we needed a special showcase dedicated to these perfumed roses, collected from all around the world. In 1998, at the inauguration of the rose garden in the Floral Park of La Beaujoire, the French Society of Roses suggested that the City of Nantes start an international competition for fragrant roses on this favourable site. As a consequence, an enclosure built facing the Erdre river, encircled by dressed stones and wrought iron, has been home to the Biennial Fragrant Rose Competition since 1991. It’s the only rose competition where professional perfumers are part of the panel of judges "
Armand Zinsch President of the French Society of Roses

The technical panel and a panel of international perfumers: throughout two seasons, a technical jury considers the candidates and notes their morphological and developmental characteristics. In 4 phases, at least 320 scores are given to each variety and the average makes up their technical score. The selection process is harsh, scores from 6 to 10 are eliminated, only the varieties that have received the best scores are submitted to the panel of "Grands Nez" (Great Noses) which is composed of notable international perfumers. This panel considerers the candidates just once to determine the quality and intensity of the fragrance and to determine the two award winners.

“Grands Nez” jury members :

  • • 12 leading international perfumers
  • Technical jury members
  • 1 landscape architect
  • 1 specialist in plant diseases
  • 1 nursery specialist or 1 rose garden specialist
  • 1 award winner of the City of Nantes Floral competition
  • 1 representative from the Nantes’ flower shows committee
  • 1 representative from the National Federation of Gardeners
  • 2 employees of the Nantes’ Green Space and Environment Services (SEVE/Services Espaces Verts et de l'Environnement) who are responsible for the rose garden