Quai des plantes

The Quai de la Fosse, hitherto exclusively mineral, hosts an ephemeral nursery.

1000 container trees of different species, usually cultivated within the municipal nursery of Grand Blottereau, were installed over a distance of 500 m between the Pont Anne de Bretagne and Maillé-Brézé.

It is possible to walk freely among the trees.
Various spaces are arranged to benefit from the environment, space relaxation to picnic or simply contemplate the Loire, guinguette and finally space animated by artists.
Le Quai de la Fosse

Not to miss


The guinguette invites you to dance in a festive and family atmosphere.

Friday from 20h to 22h from May 10
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1000 trees

Where are they in the city?

Botanical treasures

The history

"People climb up to the trees in procession".

In 1726, Louis XV asked the captains of the Nantes ships to bring back seeds and plants from the colonies for the apothecaries' garden. The boats arrive then Quai de la Fosse and it is there that the plants are unloaded while waiting for their transfer to the garden.

History of the gardens

And tomorow

"The green star".

The greenery of the Quai, prefigures the future green link between the town centre and the lower Chantenay, part of one of the branches of the Green Star.

The garden city

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