Claude Ponti - In Nantes Botanic Gardens

texte et dessin : © Claude Ponti


(Doorcus carotta modifica tingtingabulae porticae)
A rebellious species, naturally found in cities, the Doorcus Porticae plant themselves on the lintels of doorframes and survey those who enter and leave. They often grow extensions in the form of bells which tinkle when a human or animal passes through. A precise study of these sounds has shown that they express amusing even quite cutting and very astute remarks on the physical appearance of the passers-by.

In large towns, where door codes are common, you may find that the Doorpots are able to reproduce the entry code for the building where they are planted, and to elicit mistakes from people to whom they take a dislike.

The installation of DoorPots in Nantes Botanic Gardens has been the subject of intense negotiations so that our lady and gentlemen visitors do not become the butt of unreasonable “comments” beyond those of light humour and childlike fun. As Doorpots are clowns by nature, staff of the Botanic Gardens should be absolved of responsibility if they breach the underlying agreements. As people have been warned, and know that plants benefit from a legal status granted by Article 237b from the Convention of Plant Rights, the said people visit the Botanic Gardens in full knowledge of the cause of this potential ridicule, and accept personal liability for any insult.
Photos permitted. Inedible. Do not feed. Conversation and recording permitted.