Claude Ponti - In Nantes Botanic Gardens

texte et dessin : © Claude Ponti


First discovered on the Oldabarranos Isles by then six-year-old Guylan Hululine whilst he was travelling with his two mothers who were on sabbatical, Slumberonds are today recognised as plant-based creations made by sea turtles (from the superfamily Chelonioidea).

Re-visiting this place as part of his bio-engineering thesis, when he was twenty-two, Guylan made the correlation between the creation of a Slumberond and the strange activity of an ancient sea turtle. According to his observations, the turtle carried spores from a rare algae onto the island. It is possible to psychologically access this strain of cells from these spores and to change and re-orientate them for approximately three days.

The turtle dreams of sleeping without his shell, safe from harm on a fine sandy and sunny beach. The Slumberond’s perfection is borne from the intensity of this dream.

Two years later Guylan Hululine proved that a turtle can only create a Slumberond if the spores are planted more than 1229 metres and less than 1234 metres in all directions from the sea. This is why Slumberonds are so very rare. The one in Nantes Botanic Gardens is kept alive and comfortable by a circle of underground hoses and a saltwater pump.
Photos permitted. Inedible. Feeding pointless.