Claude Ponti - In Nantes Botanic Gardens

The Branch
texte et dessin : © Claude Ponti

The Branch

The Branch is a successful example of imitation
made by human beings (Homo sapiens)
Even to the expert eye, it is impossible to tell that this branch is not in fact a branch. It is a secret human creation which purports to be a pipeline made to carry various drink and foods. It dates from the time when workers’ lives were extremely hard. They were forbidden to eat and drink during their 16-hour long working day.
Labourers and gardeners invented this way of circumventing this horrible law. Like this they could quench their thirst and satisfy their hunger.
It is worth remarking how nature helped this wonderful human ruse along, as the moss and herbs which grow on the branch are natural, organic and biodegradable. A wonderful example of cooperation between nature and humanity for a humane cause.
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