Claude Ponti - In Nantes Botanic Gardens

The Green Candle
texte et dessin : © Claude Ponti

The Green Candle

The green Candle is a Sphagnum, commonly know as peat moss
(sphagnaceae asceneurae).
A truly outstanding example of plant mimicry, the green Candle perfectly impersonates the Siberian Spruce in order to fend off its main predator, the fearsome rat, Rattus Ridiculotrowelus. These tiny vegetarian rodents can often die from extreme vertigo, which strikes them when they stand upright on their back legs. For this reason they cannot climb up into the green Candle to eat the small stems and leaves which they crave.
Green Candles are extremely rare. This species was discovered by Albertina Jarie during her honeymoon in Ornamental Siberia. She found this pseudo tree by following the strange trail of fearful baby rats, who had killed themselves out of disgust with life and an overdose of vertigo. Like all spruces and carps from Hades, the green Candle grows on into infinity. Itís impossible to know how high it can grow. Unlike similar species, it doesnít die at its roots as long as its top part continues to grow. Itís a good job the green Candle is rare, or it could dominate our whole planet and beyond. The sum total number of these trees is 77.
Photos permitted. No feeding