Claude Ponti - In Nantes Botanic Gardens

The Polymorphiae Exactisantea
texte et dessin : © Claude Ponti

The Polymorphiae Exactisantea

This waterfall is the exact replica of the waterfall found in Nantes’ Botanic Gardens. It is made out of a colony of millions and trillions of a certain microscopic plant.
Once fully-grown, the colony behaves like one sole life-form, endowed with a rudimentary brain and a flawless memory. Polymorphiae Exactitisantae are capable of imitating any known object, alive or dead.
It is no secret that Polymorphiae are used by forgers of both money and paintings. In truth, some galleries with worldclass reputations resemble botanical gardens more than galleries. The first ever Polymorphiae was brought to Nantes by Eugenie Defoway in 1606. Eugenie Defoway had found it on a Pacific island where she had been a lone castaway. One morning she was astonished to see, lying there right beside her, an exact replica of herself. She persuaded the plant to take on the form of a boat. Without a model, Eugenie had to build a full-size boat from natural resources so that the plant could copy it.
She arrived back at Nantes where the plant took on the exact same shape as a house on the harbour. Eugenie lived in this house. The plant stayed with the Defoway family until it was left by the last unmarried, single descendant to the Botanic Gardens.
Over the last few weeks, the gardeners have noticed that the waterfall is reproducing the sound of children’s laughter, which it has picked up from around and about. These reports appear to be true.
Photos and sound recordings are permitted. Inedible. No feeding