Claude Ponti - In Nantes Botanic Gardens

Weeping Amadeus
texte et dessin : © Claude Ponti

Weeping Amadeus

Weeping Amadeus was a famous actor at Nantes Grand Theatre at the end of the 19th century. Broken-hearted by a love story which ended pretty badly, as his lover was the wife of an Infantry General, he would weep all the time, which made his stage entries consistently late.
So much so that his acting buddy the famous Bradigal Peterson would say to him as he took to the boards:
“Spruce yourself up; it’s over to you now!” which went through a whole series of whispering iterations and misunderstandings before being changed by the magic of popular will to: “Spruce Epicea”

The one and only Weeping Amadeus in Nantes Botanic Gardens was planted in March 1912 by the wife of the Chief Archivist of Inextinguishable Grief and Sadness.

Photos permitted. Handkerchiefs allowed. Members of the public are asked to pick up any tissues dropped close to the Epicea who may otherwise gobble them up at an extraordinary rate.