Claude Ponti - In Nantes Botanic Gardens

texte et dessin : © Claude Ponti


On the Isle of Twang there lived a couple of fishermen, Tchoo- and Tchoo-. They were so inseparable that they were known as -. They only had one boat, one fishing net, one oar and one bed between them in their one house. As they loved each other, all was well.
Then one day the Emperor demanded to be served a Ovessa Tunafish. - were the only ones who knew how to catch this Tuna who is really smart and endowed with a sneaky temperament which drives it to constantly escape being caught. What was more, that day, the terrible lala storm raged on the islands and the waters made any fishing impossible and mortally dangerous. said to :
Im so hairy that my hairs will protect me, Ill go fishing, you stay at home. To which replied (aa):
My skin is smooth, the storm will slide off me, so Ill go and you stay.
The two men could not arrive at a decision. They loved each other so much that each man wanted to sacrifice himself for the other. This went on until the Emperor, not having received his Ovessa Tunafish for dinner, condemned them both to a terrible death, preceded by the same number of days torture, as the number of hours he had been made to wait.
The Gods of Love took pity on Tchoo- et Tchoo- and turned them into palm trees. A smooth palm and a hairy palm.
And since that time, things are just as they are and are not otherwise.
Photos allowed. Pointless to feed.