Claude Ponti - In Nantes Botanic Gardens

texte et dessin : © Claude Ponti


Processionary Benches from the Uppahite Plateaus
(Savannah of New Eastern Berthomia)
Togobans are Processionary Benches found on Uppahite Mountain Plateaus, in New Eastern Berthomia, and are closely related to the Processionary Benches on the Uppahite Mountain Plains of New Western Berthomia.
Once again this species has undergone a metamorphosis. According to the legend, Hah-Die-Jeste, god of hungry gastric flesh, used the Processionary Benches’ hypnotic powers to attain his sleeping human food. As he verged on obesity, and was ponderously overweight, Hah-Die-Jeste, bestowed a divine destiny on the processional Benches, which transformed them into toboggans (or sledges).
In her vengeful fury, she forgot part of the fatal formula and the processionary Benches actually become Togobans. Fortunately, they lack hypnotic powers but are capable of generating a feeling of profound wellbeing, accompanied by a doubling of exponential daydreams into floating convolution. During the Bang-Bank Benches conflict, which were civil interbanking wars, official succession was given to the Deckchairs, under the reign of Strapon-Stretchon III. Some were in New Northern Berthomia, others in New Eastern Berthomia.
This is the first time that the two varieties have been presented together, thanks to the wonderful involvement of Chairwoman Mrs Siseley Oh-Yu-Nesco and her grandmother Josephine Hess Déhenne, who has now died, and is represented by proxy.
No food allowed. Photos permitted. To be used by the good mother
or the good father of the family, depending which type.