Claude Ponti - In Nantes Botanic Gardens

texte et dessin : © Claude Ponti


The Snakicolliflora is created in its entirety by the expert Gardeners in Nantes Botanic Gardens. To start with, just as they do every year, the gardeners created a magnificent, colourful flowerbed as a centrepiece. They had no idea that they had, totally by chance, created the exact shape of the Snakicolliflora’s egg, decorated with just the flowers needed to fertilise this same egg.
One fine sunny morning, they were bowled over to see that in place of their pretty flowerbed, was a broken-open egg and a tiny, cute Snakicolliflora, wriggling and smiling, who looked up at them with wide eyes. Since this unexpected happening, the Snakicolliflora thrives and grows in the Gardens. She grows by diving into the earth and coming back out where she wants, then diving in again a little further on.
Snakicolliflorae, are always born by chance, which works in a good way. They were known over the full stretch of Ancient Times (8,848 metres). Plato talks at length of those which crossed the Municipal Park of Atlantis; Herodotus describes those in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and Krishna met one during his divine childhood.
No-one knows how long the Snakicolliflora will live. One day, she just won’t come back out after her last dive, which nobody could have predicted was actually her last. And nobody knows what becomes of her underground. Nowadays, they are rare. They are endowed with the ability to make passers-by happy and smiley if those passers-by have that capacity within themselves.
Feeding forbidden. Photos allowed.