Claude Ponti - In Nantes Botanic Gardens

The Under-Flower-Belly
texte et dessin : © Claude Ponti

The Under-Flower-Belly

The Under-Flower-Belly is the wondrous marvel and protector left behind by Nantes Botanic Gardens’ own personal Genies. Having once been fed the wrong food by an inconsequential passer-by, the Genie is no longer physically attached to the Garden. He set off to visit the Villa d’Este Gardens in Tivoli, London’s Kew Gardens and the Confucius’ Temple’s collection of centenial trees in Beijing.
But, in this great act of goodwill doubled up with generosity, the two Genies left behind the Under-Flower-Belly as a fantabulous guardian. The Under-Flower-Belly is not a plant, nor animal, nor mineral, but is a combination of all three because it is a talisman for bringing happiness, like a grigri charm doing the job of a mascot.
In one sense, you could talk about creation, being understood that the only difference between the words creation and procreation is a “pro” and that the fact of the matter is that genies are “pros”. In another sense, also because the Genies’ act of procreation works by being on top and underneath.
Photos permitted. Inedible. Feeding forbidden or risk being chased by a flying Tram.