Claude Ponti - In Nantes Botanic Gardens

The bed of the Sleeping Chick
texte et dessin : © Claude Ponti

The bed of the Sleeping Chick

If truth must be told, the sleeping chick presents us with a rare and massive conundrum. For two years now, so since 2013 - two years before this current year 2015 - it has been established with no room for any doubt that the bed of Sleeping Chick was created by the expert gardeners of Nantesí Botanic Garden.
Then the Sleeping Chick disappeared for a few months. Only to reappear suddenly and under the trees close to the Giant Bench. Delving into the minutiae of this mysterious occurence, an enquiry revealed that every gardener in Nantes Botanic Gardens was able to provide an alibi for every hour of every day over the full course of these months, confirmed by at least three faithful witnesses and then endorsed by the High Council of expert gardeners. We therefore have no choice other than to confirm that the bed of the Sleeping Chick moved of its own accord, as external help of any kind in the Botanic Gardens has been ruled out, for a list of reasons too long to go into here.
A further mystery to add into the mix, is that the imprint from the Bed of the Sleeping Chick in 2013 and traces of his move appeared on the lawn AFTER he settled down next to the Great Bench. The only plausible explanation was provided by a little six-year-old girl called Anna-Belle Traorť-Diouf:
ď The chick is sleeping on his cousinís golden cushion.Ē
Just like two years ago (in 2013), certain visitors claim to have heard the chick snoring. This remains an ill-intentioned travesty of a lie, shamelessly flying in the face of truth. A flowerbed doesnít snore. Bees, bumblebees, crickets, buzzing wasps, hover and buzz and busy themselves in the Bed. Thatís it. So donít go on about it.
Photos allowed, snore recordings forbidden. Do not feed. Edible as roast or curried chicken or in kebabs to be barbecued until just pink.