Claude Ponti - In Nantes Botanic Gardens

texte et dessin : © Claude Ponti


(Doorcus carotta modifica florica gambadae)
For many long years it was believed that Tastystupots were Bellpots which changed shape after having fallen to the foot of the tree in which they were born. The ridiculous invented theory that one was the chrysalis of the other went so far as to affirm that the TastyStuPot moved away during its last stage of development. Some people said, against all feasibility, that TastyStuPots were flown by their host grasses. Naturally all of these fanciful tales are true. They have been proven by the masterful work of Halloucienne Dayziel.
Here we are dealing with a complex reproductive cycle. The myriapod modifies the DNA of a Tastystupot seed and plants it on a tree branch. The turkey-dingdong perch themselves on the branches attracted by tinkling of the Bellpots. They knock off those which sound the most tuneful. The Bellpots, with weakened attaching cords, fall into the grass where they grow a nose and feet. At the end of several weeks they leave to find a bush where they will reach adulthood thanks to food brought by sliding ants. Itís then necessary that black-headed gulls eat their seeds before depositing them with their dejections on the beaches of Normandy. There, holiday-makers who partake in historic tourism carry them home on the bottoms of their sandals where they should find devout myriapods. And the cycle starts once more.
Photos and food forbidden.