Claude Ponti - In Nantes Botanic Gardens

texte et dessin : © Claude Ponti


Totemeae figurosae rosicheekae
Totemimics are Bambsoideae monocot plants, belonging to the grass family: a species created by a chance genetic mutation.
Like bamboo, Totemimics instantly grow to their full diameter and take one year to reach their full height.
An astounding example of plant mimicry, they are leaders in face-making. According to Irina Proustchinovna, they do this to scare off birds who may think about nesting in their foliage to bring noisy baby birds up there, leaving stinky droppings.
Discovered in the Ink Mountains in 1725 by Ursula Scrambling, daughter of a pastor and of Miss Sage-Bowpray, the Royal botanist, Totemimics were impossible to transport, up until the subsea transatlantic cables were laid, which supported the migration of their leptomorphic rhizomes (fast-spreading roots).
Photos allowed. Inedible. Execpt for Bambroflows with French dressing. Do not feed.