Nantes, seen by an american student

Why Visited Nantes ?

There are several reasons why Nantes should be on your list of places to visit.

Thanks to its once booming port, Nantes has had the pleasure of hosting an innumerable number of different people, cultures, ideas, and styles of architecture. Even the most inexperienced European traveler will be able to spot the treasures that the city has aquired thanks to these visitors. Trade made Nantes a centre of commercial activity in France. Wealthy ship-owners built their homes here and these magnificent examples of period architecture remain as impressive as ever.
An important change is that many of them are now open to the public in the form of parks and gardens. They are maintained by an army of gardeners, who have helped to make Nantes a city renowned for the beauty of its green spaces. 15% of the city’s surface area is made up of parks, gardens and squares, each one having its own unique indentity and ambiance.
This is unusual for a European city, which are widely known to be rich in architectural heritage, but generally drab due to their lack of plant life. There are over 100,000 trees in Nantes, which give this large city a feeling of intimacy.
Nantes is also home to numerous artisans and independent businesses owners. They contribute to its friendly atmosphere, in contrast with the sterile and impersonal mega-stores of today.
Nantes is one of the ten largest cities in France, but still feels calm. Anyone can feel at ease here, people rush less and there is never a lack of places to relax.
In short, whether you’re bumping elbows with the up and coming in a lively club or discussing the latest football game in a local bar, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Nantes.